Fighting to win a criminal case may well be the most consequential experience of a person’s life. It takes time, commitment, and complete dedication towards an ultimate goal. If you are visiting this website then the chances are that you, or someone you love, has this fight ahead of them.

In finding the right attorney, you have a critical decision to make – how much do you truly care about the impact and effect of a criminal conviction on your future? If the answer is that you can live with whatever punishment the criminal justice system has in store, then we are not the firm for you.

There are scores of competent attorneys who will get you sentenced quickly and cheaply. We are not one of them.  Clients hire us when their case, and their future, truly matter.  And though we will cost more than many firms that you meet with, there is a reason for that – we treat every case, regardless of subject matter, as if it is the most important matter in our clients’ lives because, in fact, it is.

If your case means everything to you; if you are determined to try to find a solution; and if the outcome truly matters, then we ask you to consider us amongst the few elite defense attorneys you have to choose from.

Time, Commitment &
Complete Dedication

Meet Philip Cohen

Born and raised in New York, Cohen graduated with honors from Fordham University in 1988, before obtaining his juris doctorate from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law in 1991. Unlike many criminal attorneys who began their careers by chalking up conviction after conviction of would-be future clients as state or federal prosecutors, Cohen had neither the stomach nor the mindset for such work. Instead, Cohen followed his heart and his passion for the defense of the seemingly defenseless, and set out to learn his trade as a young associate for a national criminal defense practice.

Within a few years, his passion, dedication and love for the art of cross-examination began to separate Cohen’s level of advocacy and representation from many of those around him and he quickly acquired a loyal following among clients that has continued throughout his career.

After building a thriving solo practice, he co-founded the boutique litigation firm of Murphy Rosen & Cohen LLP in 2003, where he headed up the firm’s criminal practice, and continued to expand his presence as a select criminal trial attorney.

During this time, Cohen also began to utilize his advocacy skills in the realm of civil trial work, the result of which has been an uninterrupted string of civil trial victories representing plaintiffs in cases that have included police misconduct, personal injury and business disputes. In 2008, Cohen was invited to become an equity partner in the Los Angeles office of Venable LLP., a DC-based, 600-attorney international law firm, where he co-chaired the firm’s West Coast white collar/criminal defense practice.

Despite his appreciation for the national presence and support that a large firm provided, Cohen longed for the personal interaction and clientele autonomy that he had enjoyed throughout his career, and so, in 2010, Cohen re-established his solo practice with the advent of Philip Kent Cohen, APC., while continuing to maintain the highest level of attention, loyalty, and representation that his clients had come to depend upon.

Appreciated by clients and colleagues alike for his level of trial work, Cohen has been recognized annually since 2008 as a Southern California Super Lawyer; has been honored by the National Trial Lawyers Associated as one of the top 100 criminal trail attorneys nationwide; and has been named Top 35 “Legal Troubleshooter” by the Hollywood Reporter.

practice areas

Drug Crimes

Cohen has successfully defended clients charged with narcotics offenses ranging from simple misdemeanor possession to federal and state felony sales, trafficking and conspiracy charges.


Monetary crimes include charges of theft, fraud, and embezzlement, where the single critical element is the intent of the defendant.  Over the course of his career, Cohen has successfully defended white collar cases regardless of the nature, scope or size of the alleged scheme or loss, often by focusing on the lack of the necessary intent.


Violent crimes range in severity from simple assault to sexual battery, rape, robbery, kidnapping and murder, many of them carrying life sentences.  Applying a detail oriented, surgical approach to cross-examination, Cohen has obtained acquittals and dismissals for clients charged with a variety of various life cases.


For many, misdemeanor convictions matter.  When they do, Cohen has been asked to represent clients on a wide array of misdemeanor allegations, ranging from lower-level theft, drug, and DUI/driving offenses, to battery, weapons and domestic violence charges.


Cohen brings his unique trial skills to a select number of civil litigation matters, including claims of police abuse, civil rights violations, and both personal and business injuries.

Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders (temporary or permanent) can often have irreparable ramifications personally, professionally, and most importantly, in divorce proceedings.  Given the signficant potential consequences of a restraining order, Cohen often works in conjunction with various high-level family law firms as lead counsel in the trial of these matters.

in the News

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26 September, 2023
Cohen Wins $1.5M Jury Verdict on Assault Trial
16 July, 2023
Cohen secures dismissal of all charges against producer David Guillod
21 June, 2022
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